How to Choose the Right Assessment

First, I want to share some important information about effective use of assessments, a couple of tips on how to use this site and where to find certain information with sample reports, and finally, a couple of videos showing what DISC measures and how to implement assessments in the hiring and selection process.

First, we have been invited to present at several SHRM Chapters. You will find a PDF of Voss Graham's recent presentation: Effective Use of Assessments - Putting Objectivity in a Subjective World.

You will find sample assessment files with brief explanations on their use and application under the "Individual Focus" and "Corporate Focus" tabs or just click on the one you want to review. You will find downloadable samples of every type of assessment report we offer within these two tabs.

Videos for understanding assessments and where assessments fit into functional processes:

  1. What DISC Measures - the Highs and the Lows.
  2. An Overview of the Hiring Process and Where Assessments Fit.

Article on How to Choose the Right Assessment

How do you choose the right assessment from so many choices? That is a question that shows up every day. Some people have the answer and others just keep using the one that was introduced to them while in school. Others use the ones recommended by their boss or someone they trust or respect.

The above methods are subjective at best. So how do you choose the right one for you or your organization? There are several factors to review, so let's get started:

Review these points before making your decision as to how to which assessment or combination of assessments you should be using to get the results you want.